Thursday, September 24

Week of September 20th...

Hello All!!
This has been my first official school week and I finally feel like i'm setting into my dorm and getting used to the lifestyle in Switzerland.  My classes are going well for the most part (aside from language barriers) but they are interesting and extremely applicable to my everyday life.  This week was awesome.  We started off on Monday with a Swiss holiday (not sure what it was but we didn't have school) so we went to the Olympic Museum about 10 minutes away from our school.  It was so amazing.  The Olympic committee is based in Lausanne so they have this beautiful Museum that houses all of the Olympic artifacts such as medals, outfits, equipment etc. It was so interesting to see and it is a beautiful area right on Lake Geneva. 
Then on Wednesday my friend Josh and I took the metro until we couldn't go any further, then took a bus to a town called "chalet gomet" and we frolicked in the fields and forests.  It was such an awesome adventure and a great bonding time.  There were butterflies everywhere and they even hung out with us! I have pictures of butterflies on my forehead and nose that I will post.  It was one of my favorite experiences thus far. 
I am leaving for London tomorrow and am so excited. I'm visiting my two best friends from Pepperdine (Carson and Azzurra) who are studying abroad there.  It is also Azzurra's birthday weekend which will be a BLAST. I will of course post pictures when I get back.  I get back mid-afternoon on Sunday so look for me then!
So far my journey has been amazing and I am so grateful for everyone's love and support.  I miss all of you terribly and cannot wait to see you guys soon.  Love from Switzerland!

Butterfly Pictures...


Monday, September 21

Back From Nice!

Bonjour Mon Amis!
I am safely back in Lausanne after a fabulous weekend in the South of France.  It was my first time in the South of France and it was an awesome experience.  We arrived in Nice on Friday morning (our flight was at 6:50 AM, not doing that again) exhausted but we all rallied and spent the day walking around Old Town and eating yummy gelato and foccacia bread.  It was so beautiful but the only downside was the rain.  It rained all weekend long, but it didn't stop us.
I went with eight friends (six girls and two boys) and we rented an apartment for the weekend.  Our apartment was so awesome! It was the top floor of a hotel and it overlooked the city and had a full size kitchen.  Each night for dinner we would go and get fresh pasta from the outdoor market as well as fresh veggies, bread, and sauce.  It was just amazing.
We went out a few times which was really fun.  I didn't realize how many young people live in Nice! I just assumed it was an older community.
We spent the majority of our days walking around the town-looking at beautiful yachts docked in the Marina.  "Siren" and "Icon" were both docked right near our apartment which was awesome.
Overall it was an awesome experience.

I will post pictures soon.

Thursday, September 17

September 17, 2009

We are off to Nice this morning.  We have to catch the 4 am train (yikes!) but it will be so much fun.  We are going with a group of 8 people and we rented an apartment for the weekend.  It will be a fabulous experience.  I may be out of communication for this weekend but I am not sure.  I will post photos on Monday. 
Au Voir Mon Amis!

Tuesday, September 15

September 15, 2009

Pictures of the trip so far!
Our Neighbors!!
The view from my balcony! Lake Geneva and the Alps in the background 

Lake Geneva from our balcony

So Gorgeous 
Lausanne City Skyline 
Lake Geneva + Alps= Beautiful

So Swiss

More to come!!

Monday, September 14

September 14, 2009

My Friends! At Chexbres Vineyards

This past weekend has been so amazing.  We took a train to an amazing wine town about 12 minutes away from Lausanne.  It was called Chexbres (spelling) and it was absolutely beautiful.  The entire town was formed around these beautiful vineyards that line the coastline of Lake Geneva.  Gorgeous green vineyards and Swiss chalets reminded me of the reason I chose Switzerland to study abroad. I have never seen anything more beautiful in my life.  We went on a 10 mile walk from the top of the hills of the vineyards down the shore of Lake Geneva where we swam and reflected.  After that we went to a gorgeous town by boat called Lutry.  This town was stunning.  Beautiful Lake Geneva with the Swiss Alps in the background.  Adorable town with cute houses and businesses, five star hotels, and amazing restaurants.  This is a place my parents would LOVE!  Tons of sailing on the lake.  We had amazing ice cream and cappachinos.  Followed by a metro bus ride back to Lausanne.  So far, I love this experience and am so thankful!  This city is absolutely incredible and has so much history.

The internet is not working very well so I will upload photos soon.

Hope you are all doing well!

Saturday, September 12


Hello everyone!
Sorry it has taken me so long to give an update but the internet in our house is a disaster and we are currently trying to sort it out. I am also typing on a french keyboard so cut me some slack!

We arrived yesterday, Friday in Lausanne late at tired, sore, and hungry.  However we were greeted by our amazing staff and beautiful house! Our house is directly next to the train station that says `'lausanne`' and all rooms have balconies that overlook Lake Geneva. The weather has not been very good but it is still so beautiful.  We woke up this morning to any AMAZING breakfast prepared for us by ``Fatima" our cook that makes us our meals! We had cappuccinos, fresh bread with peanut butter, locally grown bananas, carrot juice, banana yogurt etc etc etc.  We then got a tour of the house so that we don't get lost navigating! The house is awesome.  It is 5 stories, which include classrooms, 2 kitchens, 3 laundry rooms, a library, a computer lab, a french only speaking section, and 4 separate floors of housing.  My roommate and I are on the 4th floor and I feel safe!! The only downside is that all of our friends are on the 1st and 2nd co-ed floors.  But we are dealing with it.  Our rooms are adorable-quaint and have a lot of character.  We have two beds, two desks, two large closets, a sink, and a nightstand in our room.  We got the "blue`' room and it is quite blue.  Beds are surprisingly comfortable with great sheets and pillows.  Our deck is amazing! We can hear the trains going by all night as well as the rough waves crashing against the shores of lake geneva.  

Today we went on a walking tour of Lausanne.  I did not realize how large and suburban Lausanne is.  We saw beautiful cathedrals that dated back hundreds of years as well as the amazing designer stores that line the cobblestone streets.  The city is upbeat, and full of young people!   Lausanne is called the "city of 3 hills" and it really is.  Very steep hills but a great workout! Our house is about a 5-10 minute walk into the heart of the city which is awesome.  So far everything is going well.  The students are nice and fun to be around and the staff is delightful.  

I will send pictures of my room soon-hopefully, if the internet works on all of our laptops!!

I start classes on Wednesday and I am very excited to get settled in and feel organized.  We are off to Nice on Friday which will be an amazing experience.  I will keep sending you guys emails. I miss and love you all so much and cannot wait until we can skype and talk all about my adventures and yours too!


Friday, September 11

Au Voir America

I am just about to leave for the airport and I am so excited! I have two 60 pound suitcases and a large carry-on.  I am set for the year! I am so thankful for my friends and family for the continued love and support I have been receiving.  If any of you get a chance, please come visit! My address while in Switzerland will be the following:

Chelsea Cowley
Avenue Marc Dufour 15
1007 Lausanne

Please keep in touch via email:
If you have a blackberry my pin is: 21149c5c
I am also on facebook: Chelsea Cowley
IChat or Skype as well.

I will miss all of you so much and cannot wait to speak with each of you about my experience.

Keep in touch!!

ps. If any of you are curious I will be in Switzerland at 8:15 pm Friday, September 11th. However, there is a 9 hour time difference.

Monday, September 7

Travel Schedule

This is my travel for first semester!

Travel Weekends/Schedule:

Sept. 11 (Friday):Arrive Lausanne

Sept 12- 13: No travel allowed

Sept 18-20: NICE

Sept 25-27: LONDON (Azzurra's Birthday/Concert)

Oct 2-4: MUNICH (Oktoberfest)

Oct 9-11: LAUSANNE

Oct 13-17: Field trip to Corsica

Oct 23-25: PRAGUE (Radio Head Concert)

Oct 30-Nov 1: BUDAPEST



Nov 20-22: LAUSANNE

Nov 27-29: PARIS (Carson's Birthday)

Dec 4-6: No travel allowed

Dec 11: Return Home

*It is tentative to change.

September 6, 2009

Hello everyone:
As I am preparing for my study abroad experience in Switzerland-I decided to create a blog in order to keep all of you informed on my travels and amazing experiences. Tonight I am flying to Los Angeles and I will be leaving on Thursday, September 10th for Switzerland. Check back each week as I will be posting stories, information, and fabulous photos! Love you all and will miss you guys very much.