Thursday, September 24

Week of September 20th...

Hello All!!
This has been my first official school week and I finally feel like i'm setting into my dorm and getting used to the lifestyle in Switzerland.  My classes are going well for the most part (aside from language barriers) but they are interesting and extremely applicable to my everyday life.  This week was awesome.  We started off on Monday with a Swiss holiday (not sure what it was but we didn't have school) so we went to the Olympic Museum about 10 minutes away from our school.  It was so amazing.  The Olympic committee is based in Lausanne so they have this beautiful Museum that houses all of the Olympic artifacts such as medals, outfits, equipment etc. It was so interesting to see and it is a beautiful area right on Lake Geneva. 
Then on Wednesday my friend Josh and I took the metro until we couldn't go any further, then took a bus to a town called "chalet gomet" and we frolicked in the fields and forests.  It was such an awesome adventure and a great bonding time.  There were butterflies everywhere and they even hung out with us! I have pictures of butterflies on my forehead and nose that I will post.  It was one of my favorite experiences thus far. 
I am leaving for London tomorrow and am so excited. I'm visiting my two best friends from Pepperdine (Carson and Azzurra) who are studying abroad there.  It is also Azzurra's birthday weekend which will be a BLAST. I will of course post pictures when I get back.  I get back mid-afternoon on Sunday so look for me then!
So far my journey has been amazing and I am so grateful for everyone's love and support.  I miss all of you terribly and cannot wait to see you guys soon.  Love from Switzerland!

Butterfly Pictures...


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