Monday, September 21

Back From Nice!

Bonjour Mon Amis!
I am safely back in Lausanne after a fabulous weekend in the South of France.  It was my first time in the South of France and it was an awesome experience.  We arrived in Nice on Friday morning (our flight was at 6:50 AM, not doing that again) exhausted but we all rallied and spent the day walking around Old Town and eating yummy gelato and foccacia bread.  It was so beautiful but the only downside was the rain.  It rained all weekend long, but it didn't stop us.
I went with eight friends (six girls and two boys) and we rented an apartment for the weekend.  Our apartment was so awesome! It was the top floor of a hotel and it overlooked the city and had a full size kitchen.  Each night for dinner we would go and get fresh pasta from the outdoor market as well as fresh veggies, bread, and sauce.  It was just amazing.
We went out a few times which was really fun.  I didn't realize how many young people live in Nice! I just assumed it was an older community.
We spent the majority of our days walking around the town-looking at beautiful yachts docked in the Marina.  "Siren" and "Icon" were both docked right near our apartment which was awesome.
Overall it was an awesome experience.

I will post pictures soon.

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