Tuesday, December 15

Home Sweet Home!

I am writing from my home on Mercer Island tonight! I got home Wednesday, December 10th and was first greeted in LA by Sarah, Savannah, and Justice and then finally greeted at my gate in Seattle by the rest of my lovely family (Mom, Dad, + Heather)! Upon my arrival in LA I quickly cleared customs, re-checked my luggage and headed to In n Out for my first grilled cheese fix in three months! It was nothing short of delicious.
I am so thankful to be home for the Holiday season and want to thank all of you for making this possible.  Through your continued love and support I was able to come home for the Holidays.  I will be creating a Christmas letter in the next few days.  I am now just settling in and am preparing for my next semester abroad.  I feel so blessed to have such amazing opportunities and to have amazing friends and family. 

Happy Holidays to my beloved family and friends! You are greatly loved and missed.