Wednesday, March 9

Favorite Photos of Lausanne

Tomorrow marks the beginning of true responsibility. I am registering for my classes for my final year at Pepperdine. Wow how time flies. Day's like today help me to realize how amazing my experience at Pepperdine has been and how blessed I am to attend such an incredible school. While Malibu yields sensational beauty and a feverous passion for life, Lausanne still has my heart. So as a tribute to Lausanne, here are my favorite photos. 

Second Semester

My last blog post (about a year ago) was about the educational field trip we took to Athens, Greece. This experience was incredible and definitely worthy of a blog post. For some reason, life got to me second semester and my passion for blogging ceased to exist. I have good news though, I am back! I decided that rather than posting long paragraphs about my experiences I would post photos because photos really do speak 1,000 words. Here are some highlights from my second semester adventures.

Ibiza Sunset
San Sebastian

After our spring break, my friends and I ventured for to Lake Lucerne in Switzerland for a day trip. We took a cable car up to the peak of Mt. Pilatus where we enjoyed typical Swiss fondue and baked mac & cheese. It was so delicious!

Chateau Gutsh (I went there when I was a baby!)

After Lucerne, my friends and I took at 16.5-hour, overnight train to Prague for my 20th birthday (which was also my golden birthday)! This weekend was a fantasy, so beautiful and idyllic.

My 20th Birthday Dinner
Next, we took a short weekend trip to visit our friends studying in Heidelberg, Germany. This town was so amazing. So quaint and lovely, not to mention beautiful!!