Saturday, September 12


Hello everyone!
Sorry it has taken me so long to give an update but the internet in our house is a disaster and we are currently trying to sort it out. I am also typing on a french keyboard so cut me some slack!

We arrived yesterday, Friday in Lausanne late at tired, sore, and hungry.  However we were greeted by our amazing staff and beautiful house! Our house is directly next to the train station that says `'lausanne`' and all rooms have balconies that overlook Lake Geneva. The weather has not been very good but it is still so beautiful.  We woke up this morning to any AMAZING breakfast prepared for us by ``Fatima" our cook that makes us our meals! We had cappuccinos, fresh bread with peanut butter, locally grown bananas, carrot juice, banana yogurt etc etc etc.  We then got a tour of the house so that we don't get lost navigating! The house is awesome.  It is 5 stories, which include classrooms, 2 kitchens, 3 laundry rooms, a library, a computer lab, a french only speaking section, and 4 separate floors of housing.  My roommate and I are on the 4th floor and I feel safe!! The only downside is that all of our friends are on the 1st and 2nd co-ed floors.  But we are dealing with it.  Our rooms are adorable-quaint and have a lot of character.  We have two beds, two desks, two large closets, a sink, and a nightstand in our room.  We got the "blue`' room and it is quite blue.  Beds are surprisingly comfortable with great sheets and pillows.  Our deck is amazing! We can hear the trains going by all night as well as the rough waves crashing against the shores of lake geneva.  

Today we went on a walking tour of Lausanne.  I did not realize how large and suburban Lausanne is.  We saw beautiful cathedrals that dated back hundreds of years as well as the amazing designer stores that line the cobblestone streets.  The city is upbeat, and full of young people!   Lausanne is called the "city of 3 hills" and it really is.  Very steep hills but a great workout! Our house is about a 5-10 minute walk into the heart of the city which is awesome.  So far everything is going well.  The students are nice and fun to be around and the staff is delightful.  

I will send pictures of my room soon-hopefully, if the internet works on all of our laptops!!

I start classes on Wednesday and I am very excited to get settled in and feel organized.  We are off to Nice on Friday which will be an amazing experience.  I will keep sending you guys emails. I miss and love you all so much and cannot wait until we can skype and talk all about my adventures and yours too!


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  1. We love and miss you so much! Can't wait to see pictures. I am going to buy a blackberry tomorrow so we can bbm! Love you xoxoxoxxo