Tuesday, April 12

Palm Springs

For Spring Break my friends and I drove to Palm Springs. We prepared for a week of fun, sun, love, and laughter. Naturally, we rented a house to stay in that was titled "The Sexy Compound" on their website. Instantly, we knew that we were in for a week full of memories. Here is a recap of the week...

Day 1: We arrived around 4pm at the Sexy Compound. We called Nona, the 90 year-old property manager, and she directed us to the SC. We instantly fell in love. The Sexy Compound was all we could have asked for and more. Complete with a spacious casida, a pool, a jacuzzi, and five bedrooms, we knew that this compound would serve all of our needs. We instantly began to celebrate and took full advantage of the SC.

Day 2: We woke up around 9am to clean the mess in the SC that looked like a category-5 hurricane had trampled through. We then prepared a delicious breakfast complete with egg whites, turkey bacon, and toast and immediately ventured outside to begin day 1 of tanning. Our horrifically pale bodies definitely needed some color. After a fabulous morning day in the sun, the best afternoon of my life happened. Four of my girlfriend's and I went to the backyard and laid in the grass for three hours straight--talking about life and eating delicious bean dip. The conversations that we had and the experience will forever be engraved in my heart.

Day 3: More and more sun occurred which worked wonders on our self-esteem. We laid by the pool all day long listening to music and having great conversations with our beloved friends. Two of our best guy-friend's drove up to Palm Springs and surprised us with their visit which was fabulous! That night, we went to Dell Taco, which was the most hilarious experience of life. There must have been a retirement home convention going on because there were literally 90 people in Dell Taco over the age of 75 years-old. They were so adorable. They were all joining in fellowship with one another over fast Mexican food, however, they were prepared to be there all night long. They brought board games, homemade desserts, and their smiles. They were so happy and elated to be there. It reminded me of just how blessed my life is and how when I am 90, I hope to enjoy the simple pleasures of Dell Taco and fellowship.

Day 4: Even more sun. By Day 4 we were all exhausted and ready to go home but we rallied and decided to make the best of our last day/night. We decided to go out to dinner at this Mexican restaurant called Blue Agave, which turned out to be quite a hilarious experience--definitely one to remember. Our cab ride home that night was nothing short of unreal. Our driver proceeded to discuss her love life with us in great detail, despite the fact that none of us asked for this. Disturbed by our unnecessary conversations and graphic imagery left behind as a result, we all climbed into the CalKing bed and channeled our energy towards the most amazing and inspiring blog ever--Stylemepretty.com. My four girlfriend's and I looked at this blog for almost three hours, exploring the infinite possibilities of love and beauty.

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