Tuesday, April 12

San Francisco

This year, I have been trying to explore as much as California as possible and have tried to venture on weekend trips. It is so strange not being able to take the train to Paris on a Thursday night and return on Sunday night. So, to make up for my travel related depression, my friends and I decided to venture to San Francisco for the weekend! To make the six-hour drive easier, we drove to Santa Barbara early Friday morning for brunch. We chose to eat at the cutest little restaurant on State Street. We had a delicious meal and phenomenal mimosas. We then ventured on and finally arrived in San Francisco around 6pm Friday night. After a long, arduous drive we were so thankful to finally be there. My Brother-in-Law DJ's on the side and he happened to be DJ'ing at a little dive bar in the city called Butter. My two sister's and my two friend's and I hopped in a taxi and arrived just in time! This dive bar was hilarious. It was 'trailer trash' themed and included a food stand inside that featured 'trailer trash' food such as tater tots, mozzarella sticks, fried mac & cheese, and buffalo wings. We definitely partook in the trailer trash food-ordering and loved every minute of it.
The next day we woke up early to explore the marina. We ironically ended up running into Justin Burn's, who is my childhood's best friend's brother. He invited us up to his rooftop deck to view the most amazing view ever. The view looked out over the SF bay, Alcatraz, and the Golden Gate Bridge. It was truly amazing and reminded me of how beautiful SF is. I feel so blessed to be able to travel throughout the United States and to experience life to the fullest.

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