Tuesday, April 12

Letter from God

People have always told me to write myself a letter from God outlining my achievements and anticipating what God would say to me today. So, as a way to deal with the stress that is finals, my best friends graduating, and moving on with life, I thought now would be the perfect time so here it is.
            Dear Chelsea,
I am very proud of your accomplishments thus far.  I am excited that your hard work has brought you to such an amazing, inspiring University where you can further explore your relationship with me.  I want to develop a closer relationship, instead of just talking to me when you are in need of something; I want a relationship that inspires you to communicate with me every day.  I know that it is often challenging to grow up in a household where values are forced upon you, but I have faith that Pepperdine will be the perfect place for you to explore your own beliefs.  Your desire to serve others is impressive and I hope that you continue your passion to serve others.  I am confident that you will make a difference in society.  I am aware that many people see you in a negative light due to prejudgments based on your appearance but I know the real you.  I know the loving, selfless, intelligent, and determined person that you are and I know that others will be enlightened when they become closer to you.  Never take your life for granted as your loving Mother and Father have provided you with amazing opportunities.  Honor your father and Mother and you will be blessed.  Do not get caught up in the Los Angeles scene, as it will only tarnish your character and lead you astray from the importance in life.  Look around you and realize how blessed you are to be in such an incredible place. Open your blinds and gaze outside the window, do you see the stunning ocean view?  Few college students across America are lucky enough to be in the presence of such a beautiful creation.   Remember, you have a beautiful heart and use that to your advantage.  Go confidently in your dreams, live the life you’ve imagined and you will continue to be blessed.
With All my Love,

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