Wednesday, November 25

Swiss Holiday Recipes

Just thought I would share my love for Swiss fondue, Muled Spice Wine, and Hot Chocolate with the people that I love!

Happy Holidays from Switzerland

Gimmelwald Fondue
Garlic clove rubbed in pan
Minimum two Cheeses with similar melting points, Gruyeres and Appenzeller (more Gruyeres, Tilsiter works, Emmental creates stringiness — too much is a problem). Grate cheese and mix together.
Add into pan with dry white wine. (Ideally Swiss, Fendant).

200 grams strong Gruyere
200 grams strong Emmentaler
200 grams Appenzeller
200 grams Vacherin
3.5 deciliter white wine
1 garlic clove
3 teaspoons of flour
1 shot of cherry brandy
1 teaspoon lemon juice
Pepper and Nutmeg to taste
Rustic white bread cut into one inch cubes.

Muled Wine
Liter red wine
Quarter liter water
Lemon juice to taste
Cinnamon sticks

Hot Chocolate
Hot Chocolate
Peppermint schnapps or Baileys
Consume with view of mountains... :)

Snow covered Alps from my balcony this morning


Heureux d'Action de Graces à mes amis et famille

(Happy Thanksgiving to my friends and family)

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