Friday, November 27

Lausanne Family Thanksgiving

Last night my program celebrated Thanksgiving together. We invited all of our teachers,staff, and their families.  It was amazing! We had 110 guests that were all so cheerful and thankful.  It was so much fun. We were assigned seats based on the name that we received on our pilgrim hats.  I got David Beckham and sat at the famous athletes table! It was a very neat idea and the tables were  beautifully decorated for fall.  The food was surprisingly wonderful. After days and days of aiding our visiting faculty via 'stuffing committees' 'pie committees' etc. the food all came together! My favorites were the stuffing and the mashed potatoes.  My expectations were completely surpassed and I had an awesome Thanksgiving.  Although I'm sad that I could not share it with my family, I know that there is always next year! I hope you guys had a phenomenal Thanksgiving!! Here are some photos.

I was David Beckham!

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