Saturday, February 6

J'Adore Paris

It is Saturday night around 11 PM and I just got home from Paris.  I had the best 24 hour trip ever! I met up with my two best friends from London, Carson and Azzurra and we had, yet another, romantic weekend together! This weekend was simply magical, full of love, laughter, exploration, yummy wine, and enough memories to last a life time.  I feel so blessed to have two AMAZING best friends in my life and they were the perfect pair to see Paris with! Our adventures began Friday morning at the Gare de Lyon when I stepped off my train and was greeted with contagious smiles and open arms.  We found our way to our hotel in the Latin Quarters-Hotel Sully St. Germain-which I highly recommend for an inexpensive and charming hotel.  We checked in and set out on our Paris exploration! First, we visited the Musee de l'Orangerie near the Champs Elysees, that had the most spectacular impressionist art.  On display was the Lily Pad series by Monet and it was truly incredible and life changing.  My whole perspective on art changed and opened my eyes to a wider spectrum of modern art! This was a fabulous little spot, full of Monet, Picasso, Van Gogh, and much much more.  At the museum we met up with Britt who is also studying abroad in London and is one of my best friends from last year.  I hadn't seen him since August! After the museum we strolled along the Champs Elysees, ate at Laudree (fabulous macaroons + chocolate croissants), which was adorable and so charming, and climbed the Arc de Triomphe.  The view on the roof top is incredible.  No words or pictures can do it justice, but essentially I saw the entire city of Paris and beyond lit up at night and it was breath taking. After this, we went back to our hotel to get ready for the night and quickly after set out to the Eiffel Tower to pop champagne and celebrate our amazing lives.  We had such a great time goofing around and taking fun photos with our champagne directly beneath the tower.  The Eiffel Tower is much larger than I expected and is an incredible monument.  It was so beautiful lit up at night and really set the tone for the night.  After falling in love with Paris, champagne, each other, and life in general, Britt arrived and we went to dinner.  After dinner we went to the cutest wine bar and sipped a nice Bourgenion rouge.  We chatted and once again, enjoyed each others presence.  After realizing that it was 2 am and we had to wake up at 8:30 to explore more of the city we strolled back to our lovely hotel and went to sleep!

Saturday, we had a fabulous petite dejuner complete with the best cappacino, baguettes with butter and jam, and a croissant.  It was delicious.  We then saw Notre Dame which was amazing, as well as the Louvre.  Both of these locations were incredible and only allowed me to fall deeper in love with Paris. For lunch, we ate at Azzurra's grandmothers favorite restaurant in Paris called 'Le Souffle' and that is exactly what it is.  An assortment of amazing soufles as well as fabulous salads, poultry, and french onion soup.  This place was adorable and defined Paris. Afterwards it was time to say goodbye in order to catch our trains.  It was sad to say goodbye but I will be seeing them soon in Switzerland and then in Prague.  This semester has opened my eyes to an entirely new appreciation on life and I am so happy to have such inspiring, beautiful, and intelligent best friends.  I cannot wait to live with Carson and Azzurra next year in Malibu and to make our home, 'home'.  I hope to return to Paris one more time this semester.

Lily Pad Series by Monet

The Souflees

1 John 3:18
"Let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth"

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