Sunday, October 11

Milan and Dijon

Hello Everyone!!
I just got back from an incredible weekend in Milan, Italy and Dijon, France.  On Friday we went to Milan for the day because it is only a quick 3 hour train ride away.  We went to the Duomo cathedral and it was absolutely amazing.  So gigantic and gorgeous.  We toured around that part of the city for quite some time and had lunch at a nice Italian cafe.  Afterward we went to the main square where we had pigeons flying all over us and landing on our arms.  It was quite scary but really awesome at the same time.  We were only in Milan for a short time but we decided to go back to Lausanne Friday night to save money and to go to the concert in Dijon. 

On Saturday I went early to Dijon, France with a few of my girlfriends to hangout in the city and to go to the concert,  I absolutely loved Dijon.  It was such an awesome city.  It is the home of mustard and burgundy wines.  We were surrounded by mustard and wine!! Also in the city there is an amazing Notre Dame catehdral and a Palace where the Ducs used to live.  Dijon is one of the oldest mid evil towns in Europe.  It was so cute with the cobblestone streets and Gothic architecture.  At night we went to the most amazing concert i've ever been to.  I can easily say is was one of the best nights of my life.  We saw David Guetta who is a pioneer DJ of french house music.  He is considered to be the 5th best DJ in the world.  The concert was at a venue called "Le Chat Noir" (The black cat).  There were HUNDREDS of people everywhere-so hot and sweaty but truly a night I will remember for the rest of my life.  I danced from 11 pm-6 am straight (not exaggerating) with one water break.  I was in my own world.  It was so so so incredible.  You tube his music!! It's life changing.  After we danced until 6 am we got on a 6:30 am train back to Lausanne and miraculously made it back without missing our train stops and connections. 

I truly had an incredible weekend full of adventure and fabulous stories.  I am leaving for Corsica on Tuesday with my school.  We are going for 1 week.  I am so excited.  I will keep in touch!

Hope all is well

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